The name Indonesia may very well remind you of Bali, one of the islands in this country. No Wonder; Bali certainly holds thousands of attraction that lure anyone to come and visit the island. Anyway, did you know that Bali is just a tiny part of the whole galore of Indonesia tourism magnifecence? Being the largest archipelagic country in the world encompassing 13,466 large and small islands, Indonesia offers a great variety of unforgettable fascination of the nature, art and culture.

Indonesia is well endowed with white and soft sandy beaches, clear and calm water, some have challenging waves fit for surfers, and some store underwater fascination that make them paradise for divers. Just to name few: Weh Island in Naggroe Aceh Darussalam, Karimunjawa in Central Java, Wakatobi in South East Sulawesi, Bunaken in North Sulawesi, and the fascinating underwater world of Raja Ampat in West Papua. Indonesia is trully the heart of wonders.

Not only famous for the spectacular nature and fascinating culture, Indonesia is also known as a destination for shopping and recreational tourism. Large shopping centers in Jakarta can be found in Tanah Abang, Mangga Dua and Pasar Baru. Batam Island is a popular shopping destination known for its Nagoya shopping area. You could also visit the city of Bandung in West Java that is laden with factory outlets ready to meet your fashion demand. There is no need to worry about accomodation in Indonesia. Plenty of hotels and resorts integrated with international facilities and world-class golf course are ready to welcome you.

Indonesia has been renowned for the hospitality of the people who live up to lofty value of tradition and culture. These norms have been socially binding and passed on through generations. The local people live up to the everlasting norms of mutual respect and support regardless of differences. Hence, they openly welcome any visitors, and certainly including you. The warmth of the local people makes the archipelago a comfortable place like home for foreign tourist. Sincere and amicable smiles of your hosts will give memorable impression to you as you trace along the fascinating beauty of Indonesia accompanied by friendly, welcoming and sincere warmth of the people.

With such a thorough natural enchanment and tourism facilities, it would only be appropriate to place Indonesia on the top list of your travel itineraries. Let us venture out to find out more about the fascination that Indonesia has to offer.